Kia may say that it’s an entirely different car, but we see it as a major facelift. Regardless, real off-road vehicles don’t need fancy body designs, as they are made to cope with the Himalayan hills, not Beverly Hills. The Absolute seems to be Kia’s version of the Genesis program, as it features a unique badge and upmarket interior.

The Mohave achieves an impressive 10.7 kilometers to one liter of fuel or 9.3 l/100km. For now, we haven’t been able to find any data on the V8 engines, since they are not available in Korea.

Design-wise, the cosmetic procedure involves new HID headlight projectors, LED daytime running lights placed next to the fog lights and new LED taillights. We also see revisions to the bumpers and side steps.

Of course, convenience and safety features have been added too. Despite the retro interior covered in wood, we see ventilation for the seats and blind spot monitoring. The 2017 Mohave also has four cameras to give you a bird’s-eye view when parking, lane keep assist, hills start assist, forward collision warning, ESC and curtain airbags.