KIA’s CARNIVAL is that rare thing in Australia, a people mover, a supremely practical vehicle that nobody wants to buy because of the image. Kia offer two peoplemovers, the Carnival and the smaller Rondo (stay tuned for a test soon).

The Carnival is an eight-seater and big with it. The length is 5115mm and width 1985mm; compared to the LC 200 at 4990mm length and 1970mm width, or the Honda’s at 4840mm length and 1800mm width. It’s also longer than the Mercedes-Benz V-Class and Toyota Tarago.

You’ve got a nice boxy, practical shape with a small bonnet, conventional front doors, sliding rear doors for easy access that are on the Platinum electrically operated, and a single, lift-up tailgate at the back.

There’s a massive centre console with a clever sliding compartment up top, a side pocket for the front passenger and each front door has dual-level pocket. The dual glovebox is a great feature.

The Carnival’s infotainment system is clear and simple with useful information like trip computers and fuel consumption, but best of all it’s very easy to flick through menu options because the controls are thumbwheels and that’s far easier than, say, a button press. There are also physical shortcut buttons for the main functions, like navigation and phone.