The refreshed K-series truck from Kia is going to change the way you look at trucks. With greater utility and a level of refinement you would expect to find in only a passenger car, the K-series truck not only makes getting the job done easier, it lets you do it in comfort.

The K-series truck is simply better than its rivals. Its sufficient loading capacity, class-leading engine and brake performance, aerodynamic styling and focus on driver refinements help you focus on the work at hand.

The rear gate chain is covered and the wraparound cover protects the chain from corrosion, thus maintaining lifelong use. The easily operated catcher promises better grip thanks to its ergonomic handle while the inner spring ensures smooth movement. The round-edged brim cover allows easier loading and unloading as well as greater durability than edged designs. The front fog lamps ensure maximum visibility in foggy conditions so that you get the job done safely.

Power and tilt steering wheel makes maneuvering the K-series truck a breeze while also allowing you to set your preferred steering wheel height position for maximum comfort. Radio+CD+MP3+Bluetooth with USB+AUX and audio remote control fill the riding space with premium sound while offering maximum connectivity to external music devices. The glove box offers convenient storage solutions for small items while providing up to 11.13 litres of total space. Bluetooth steering wheel controls enable use of your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone for a safe journey.

The improved 2,665 cc J2 engine is a normally aspirated unit which produces 80 ps (66 kW) at 4,000 rpm and 16.8 kg·m (165 Nm) of torque at 2,400. It generates quiet, capable and economic efficiency. In the event you have to suddenly brake and swerve, the anti-lock braking system applies the correct amount of brake pressure to each individual wheel to help you avoid a collision.